Skin Care I

Hi! How are you? I suspect very busy due to the holidays have ended… and in my case I started my University Classes with an exam. Nice. (I think it went pretty well though)

I thought I would post the first thing about Skin Care just because I think it is a basic for having a good skin, feeling it hydrated and smooth, and lay the foundation for make-up. So if you like knowing about new kin care products, just keep reading!

I separated two different Skin Care products: face and body. So let’s get started with face.

20170111_110256.jpgI love face masks. And I love them more if they are from Korea, where they have the best Skin Care Products. K-Beauty has taken up in the last few years and I could stay all night naming brands and products and that would be boring so I am just going to name a few.

But first of all, it is really important that you clean your face the moment you wake up,  helping your skin to breath. Do not do it with your hands soap, the pH of your skin is different and it would damage and irritate it. The best option is to do it with a cleansing emultion (Too cool for school has really great products) and then applying your moisturizing lotion.

At night, when you arrive home after a long day, clean your face again with the cleansing emultion and now it is time for face masks or others kinds of products. I personally like to apply a beauty treatmente three times a week because it is a good number of times to keep the profits. Tony Moly is a really good brand for beauty treatments. They have this nose pack package that removes blackheads which is incredible! It comes with seven strips, which you apply to your nose after wetting it and it really works. When you pull it out, just clean your nose with warm water to remove any wastes and then with cold water to close the pores.

Once I have done that, I like to apply a face mask. Tony Moly is really good too and I also love Missha (Mellow Coffe Dessert Pack) but I am trying new brands so I will update you with them.


Finally the body. It is really important to hydrate it and take care of your skin because sometimes we forget the body and only focus on the face. I have this two Rituals products which are a Shower gel (right) and a Shower moisturizing oil (left). They are great and they smell really good. The good thing about the oil is that you can apply it in the shower and then go over it with water, so you do not get oil all over your clothes which is really messy.

The Rosehip oil, which I bought in a pharmacy, is the perfect product for the touch-ups. I apply it in my scars or imperfections and, although it is a bit expensive, it really helps to make them go away.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what Skin Care products do you use.

I will leave a link to Sephora’s K-Beauty so you can take a look:





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