New arrival

Hi! How is everything going? I am super excited because a Sephora package has just arrived with a few of new items I really wanted to try… so let’s open it!

It is not a lot of stuff but it is enough. In the first place I want to talk about the “Panda’s Dream” Eye patch by Tony Moly. In yesterday’s post I said I love Tony Moly, which is a K-beauty brand, and I wanted to try something more than the face masks that I always use and absolutely love. This eye patch are for eyes with dark circles that look tired.


And it is a Panda! It is so cute.

The other two things I got are liquid lipstick, which I am obsessed with lately. The little one is from Sephora and is the “Marvelous Marve”. Is a really pretty pinkish brown colour, and it is very long lasting. The truth is that it is a bit drying but it is a matte so… I love how it smells, is like a vanilla flavour I think, and the applicator is sooo smooth. I think it is really worth it.


The big lipstick is from Kat Von D in the tone “Lolita II”. I have been going after this colour for a while, and now that I have tried it OMG I absolutely love it. It is like a terracotta colour and the texture is really smooth and not as dry as I would expect for a matte so I am completely in love. It is a little bit more expensive than the Sephora one but the colour is  great. What do you think about the KVD’s liquid lipsticks?



Eye Patch: 1.50 €

Sephora Lipstick: 12,50 €

KVD Lipstick: 20 €


I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what Lipsticks do you like the most. ♥



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