Subscription Boxes

Do you like subscription boxes as I do? Do you like to get a box full of surprising items and brands you had never heard of every month or every quarter? If it is a yes, then let’s get started!

The Subscription Box of the picture is Marzia’s Subscrption Box. It ships every quarter and it has lots of things in it. There are two types of boxes: the normal one, which has a cost of $30, and the VIM Box, which is much bigger and has not only make-up and skin care products but clothes and items from Marzia’s clothing line. The cost of the second one is $90. It may be a high price but you must take into account that is every three months, that means is $1o or $30 per month, there are lots of full sized high quality products.

The next Box ships in three months so if you want to try it you are just on time.

Captura de pantalla (19).png

Marzia’s Floral Box

If you are addicted to nail polish, then Julep Maven is your subscription box. For $25 per month, you have a nail polish and beauty service. Every month, you can choose one of five boxes and if you do not like any of them you can skip the month which is great!

Resultat d'imatges de julep maven box

The next one is Boxy Charm. It is a great box that for only $21 will provide you of at least 4 full sized items related to makeup, nail care, skin care or others. The bad thing is that it obly ships to USA and Canada but hopefully someday they will ship to Europe.


And the last one for today, the BirchBox. If you are looking for a cheap box that contains a  variety  in the products this one is the one. It costs $13 which is not a lot of money, but the sizes are usually mini. This means that the products are just for trying them once and if you like them then you can purchase them in the full size. It has been in my knowledge that not a lot of people are happy with this subscription box because of the size of the products but I think it is a good way to try new things and discover new brands that you can buy in case you like them, and in case you do not then the product is not spent because of its small size.

And that is all for today! I hope you liked it. And if you are subscribed to a Box I haven’t mentioned let me now which one is because who knows maybe I try it!



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