MAC Cosmetics

MAC is a high quality make-up brand. A few weeks ago I purchased these items and I wanted to show you them because I think they work great. Let’s get started!

The base is the Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation and it is a light to medium coverage base. It is a bit liquid so it does not seem to work for oily skin, but the truth is it works really well for me! It holds the shines perfectly about eight hours and leaves a really smooth skin.

The Mineralize Blush  has a pearly finish and a very light color that leaves me with a very natural color in my cheeks. When you load the brush with the pigments and apply it, there are not any red spots like with other brands, the color appears very subtly until you decide is enough.

The 159 Duo Fibre Brush is perfect for applying both products. The double bevel is perfect for applying these products and it’s very comfortable since you just have to clean one brush. Once you have used and cleaned it just have to put the protective layer.

List of prices:

Base (30 ml)  €33.50

Blush €27.00

Brush €35.00

With love,




4 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics

    1. Yes it is true the price is high… But I was able to get this products because if you do a makeup class there then they gift you with an equivalent price products. It is a great deal! 🙂


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