Skin Care II

As you can see, facial masks are my thing. And if they are from Korean Brands, then it is a ten out of ten! I picked up three different brands to show you so you get to know them if case you didn’t. I love how they work, their texture, and the results.

The first one is the Pure Source cell sheet mask of Mango by Missha. The mango leaves the skin smooth, smooth and luminous, moisturizes it and improves its appearance. The application is very simple with the cotton mask.


The RedGinseng Mask by Skin79  is recommended for skins with loss of elasticity, dull,  tired and dry. Thanks to the Redginseng it provides nutrition to the skin. Skin79 is a really good brand! I also have a CC Cream from them.


Finally, the Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet mask. This one is the Moisturizing made of Aloe Vera, but there are some others made of rice, tomatoe, lemon, avocado, tea tree and other things, which is great. I chose the Moisturizing one because Aloe Vera is a very good product for the skin and mine is quite dry.




All these masks are less than $2 in any Shop or you can buy them online on Amazon.

I hope you liked it!

With love,






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