CC Cream

Hi! Today I want to show you a new product I got  which I mentioned in the last post. It is the Complete CC Cream Correct from Skin79. I heard a lot about it and I wantes to check it out so I purchased it and it arrived the other day. Let’s get started!

It is super easy to use, you just have to apply a proper amount smoothly on the face as the last step of your skin care day routine. It has a smooth and light texture, and it is not only a whitening but a anti-wrinkle. And also has UV protection so what else?

It has this floral smell which is very nice and soft. The cream relaxes stressed skin and makes it more elastic. What is more, it gives a treatment to the skin when at the same time it gives a make-up effect without smudging.

Finally, the price. It is  15€ which I think is a good price. I have had cheaper CC Creams but they did not work as well. Even though, it is a very reasonable price. I really think is a product worth trying if you are not much into makeup bases and just need a retouch or a whitening.

I hope you liked it!




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