Mini Cheesecakes

Hi! Yesterday I made this super tasty mini cheesecakes which are delicious so I decided to post the recipe and you can do them too. They are really easy to make and they taste like heaven so… let’s get started!

The ingredients you will be needing are very easy to find. For six mini cheesecakes you need:

For the base:

*8 cookies (like the ones in the picture)


For the filling:

*2 eggs

*85 g of sugar (3/4 cup)

*170 g of cream (1/2 cup)

*170 g of creamy cheese or philadelphia (3/4 cup)

First of all, mince the biscuit and mix it with the butter. What you have to do is to add butter until you have a moldable mass. Then fill the bottom of the molds and pour it into the oven at 180 ΒΊC while you make the filling. My molds are very easy to unmold, in case yours are not then put a little bit of oven paper befora de mixture so it is easier to unmold it when the cake is done.

For the filling mix all the ingredients in a bowl and if you need it use a turmix because sometimes the philadelphia makes lumps and we want to eliminate them. Once you have done that, just take out the oven the bases, fill them with the mixture and into the oven again!

I waited about 30 minutes but as it depends of the oven just introduce a toothpick and if it comes out dry then it is ready. Now just let the cakes cool down for and hour or so.

If they are cooled down, it is time to unmold them! I put a little bit of strawberry jam on the top because I really like the combination but that is your choice. Bon appetit!







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