Tips to be happy

Hi!! Today’s post is a little bit especial. It is not about skin care or make up or cooking… it is about how to be happy!

I have 8 super easy tips for you to follow and be happy everyday. Some people pursue happiness and others create it, so let’s do it!

Tip nº1

Sleep. I know it is a topic, but it is true and it really works. While we are sleeping we secreted a lot of hormones which are important for the intern balance. So sleep at least 8 hours and you will see how everything looks better.

Tip nº2

Smile! If you are  a serious person or shy and you are not used to do it, at the beginning will be hard but try it and the life will smile back.

Tip nº3

Accept your mistakes. You are who you are, do not try to change just because others say it so. Do this but also celebrate your achievements and your strengths.

Tip nº4

Always say thank you. Beeing a grateful person makes you value more everything.

Tip nº5

Run after your dreams. Fight for what you love! Do not let the dreams stay dreams forever, just make them reality. Even if you fail, having tried it is worth it because other way you would stay in a doubt.

Tip nº6

Hug somebody you love. It will make him happy which will make you happy in return. Besides, it makes a hormonal response too.

Tip nº7

Sweeten you life! Give yourself a whim. Or two. Because you are worth it.

Tip nº8

Finally…dance, sing, live! Enjoy your life, you only have one. Travel, swim, run, love, party, whatever makes you happy.

To sum up: smile, sleep, accept your mistakes, hug, run after your dreams, smile, sing, dance, say thanks, sweeten your life…



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