Super easy MugCake

Hi! How is everything going? I thought today I would post a super easy and tasty Mugcake recipe. You can do it in the microwave in just two minutes and it tastes delicious. Let’s get started!

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New arrival

Hi! How is everything going? I am super excited because a Sephora package has just arrived with a few of new items I really wanted to try… so let’s open it!

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Skin Care I

Hi! How are you? I suspect very busy due to the holidays have ended… and in my case I started my University Classes with an exam. Nice. (I think it went pretty well though)

I thought I would post the first thing about Skin Care just because I think it is a basic for having a good skin, feeling it hydrated and smooth, and lay the foundation for make-up. So if you like knowing about new kin care products, just keep reading!

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Este es el extracto de tu primera entrada.

This is the first input on my Blog ever so let me just introduce to it. I have been thinking for a long time about having a Blog or not, because the truth is that I don’t have much free time. But it is a thing I have always wanted to do so… it is finally here! I really hope you love the content and if you do not, please do not doubt to make ay suggestions or improvement comments. They will always be welcomed!

I am going to focus the content of the Blog to mainly beauty, but I also love cooking and reading and animals and fashion and cuteness so there will be a little bit of everything. Yay!!

That is all for the introduction so… Let’s get started!