Tips to be happy

Hi!! Today’s post is a little bit especial. It is not about skin care or make up or cooking… it is about how to be happy!

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Mini Cheesecakes

Hi! Yesterday I made this super tasty mini cheesecakes which are delicious so I decided to post the recipe and you can do them too. They are really easy to make and they taste like heaven so… let’s get started!

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Remove cellulite

Hi!! I have been desapeared for almost two weeks because I had my end of term exams. Have been a few hard days, but yesterday I did the last one so I am already free!

Today I am bringing you something very exciting. Or at least when I discovered it I was really excited. I am talking about the Cellu Cup. It is a plastic cup that breaks down fat molecules and helps eliminate cellulite.

The cup sucks the skin and while it is sucking you have to massage the problem area, like legs or belly. For this to work it has to be combined with a cream, an oil, or the anti-cellulite creram that you normally use. In my case I use the Somatoline Reductor, because I had it for a long time and I always forgot to use it so I thought it would be a good chance to give it a use. But anything works if it is creamy!

The truth is that it hurts a little bit at the beggining, but I am getting used to it and I am starting to see results which is amazing! But as I have read you have to combine it with exercise and healthy food or as soon as you stop the treatment the cellulite will come back.

I saw it on Sephora, but you can find similar cups on the Internet. And it is not expensive, I paid for it aprox. $15.

I hope you liked it!

With love,



Subscription Boxes

Do you like subscription boxes as I do? Do you like to get a box full of surprising items and brands you had never heard of every month or every quarter? If it is a yes, then let’s get started!

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